Create a Friendship Tree Sculpture Project at your school!

  • A visiting artist educator will handbuild the sculpted clay trunk of the Friendship Tree.
  • Each student will shape a clay face and head.
  • Each clay face will be stacked upon the tree trunk to create the branches of the Friendship Tree

Exchange Art and Culture!

  • Each student creates another clay face to add to the “Grove” of Friendship Trees around the world.
  • The clay faces are sent to another school and become a new branch on their Friendship Tree Sculpture.
  • A small flag marks the branch on the sculptural tree.

Envision spreading the roots of peace and friendship throughout the world!

  • As students share letters and artwork with each other, they become friends!
  • Student letters accompany the clay faces sent to other schools.
  • Students participate in art fundraising activities and help decide how to direct earned funds.