Community Book Tree Sculpture Installed at the Ventress Memorial Library in Marshfield, MA

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The Community Book Tree Sculpture is now permanently installed at the Ventress Memorial Library in Marshfield, MA. This sculpture was funded through grants from the Marshfield Arts Council and the Friends of the Ventress Memorial Library. One hundred library patrons were invited to inscribe a clay leaf with their name and a favorite book title! The fired clay leaves surround a smiling tree woman to create a striking 6′ x 4′ wall relief sculpture. Stop by the VML and take a look!

Tree of Life Sculpture

The Tree of Life Sculpture is now installed in the Friendship Garden at Temple Beth Zion, in Buffalo, NY . This site-specific sculpture was created for the new garden space at TBZ on Delaware Avenue.

Victorian Cat Tales, Book 1: The Life and Times of Rose and Leopold

BOOK Cover V.C.T.“Come to Victorian England and meet two cats named Rose and Leopold. Adventures abound once Leopold from Germany pays a call on Rose. who lives in the cellar of Buckingham Palace. Leopold at first makes many mistakes; he accidentally stains Rose’s fur and insults her. But he becomes a feline gentleman when he learns three English customs: calling cards, teatime, and the language of flowers. The cats’ lives intersect with the history of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. As you follow the cats’ adventures, you will also learn about life in Victorian England.”

My sister Catherine Golden is a Victorian scholar and she has written the story.  I have created the sculptural illustrations for the book! Many of the clay figures are photographed in front of historical backdrops. Our book is available on several sites online: Amazon,,Barnes and Nobles, and Books a Million. It is an E-book as well!

Cast your Pregnant Mama Belly in Clay!

This is a wonderful opportunity to have a beautiful visual memory of your pregnancy and the baby growing within you. I dip plaster gauze strips in warm water to make a mold of your pregnant belly, in the comfort of your home. Friends and siblings are welcome to be a part of the process. Then, I will bring your belly mold to my studio where it will be strengthened. When dry, I will press clay into it to create a cast of your beautiful pregnancy belly!  The clay cast is fired in my kiln. Your beautiful mama belly can be decorated in a variety of ways, and can hang on the wall.

Dr. Polar Dad sculpture – on display at SSYMCA gallery in Hanover, MA

Dr. Polar Dad is a ceramic sculpture that was displayed at Laura’s Center for the Arts at the South Shore YMCA  from  January through February 2013. This sculpture commemorates two aspects of my father’s life: Dr. Lawrence H. Golden – cardiologist and swimmer.

The Owl Tree – an Interactive Wish Sculpture First Night 2012 in Raleigh, North Carolina


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My Owl Tree Wish Sculpture traveled to Raleigh, NC this December and took part in the First Night 2012 festivities. Installed outdoors in downtown Raleigh, it attracted hundreds of children and adults throughout the sunny day and illuminated night. Visitors … Continue reading