Art Story Workshop

Participant at an Art and Storytelling Workshop

The process of working with our hands can become a pathway for self-expression and creativity.

The Art and Storytelling and the Art and Healing workshops have related themes, but a different focus. Participants are encouraged to experiment with clay and mixed media in a supportive atmosphere that inspires images and words.

Art and the Friendship Tree Sculpture Project

We all have stories. When we hold the clay in our hands, and listen to how it feels as we shape it, we make our stories tangible. Participants are invited to create a clay face or figure to add to the growing Friendship Tree sculpture. While the clay is still flexible, a vertical hole is made through the piece. After it dries and is glaze fired in the kiln, the finished clay piece is stacked on top of another clay piece – adding onto a branch of the Friendship Tree Sculpture

Art and Storytelling

It is the experience of artmaking with storytelling that is vital to our lives. Everyone has the ability to express themselves in an artistic way, although it is good to find a medium that speaks to you. Working two-dimensionally is a different process than working in three dimensions. In my workshops we experiment with a variety of media and stay open to possibilities.

I enjoy leading a variety of art workshops – for children, teens and adults. If you have something specific in mind, do be in touch!